General Info and Updates

I work in various information and communication related areas — signal processing, information theory, coding theory, probability, reliability, as well as some analytic work related to distributed systems. A recent interest is in bitcoin-like crypto-currencies.

Some recent work:

  • A formula for the probability of data loss in cloud storage systems under general distribution assumptions on the failure and repair durations can be found here. In a nutshell—data loss probabilities for two failure time distributions with the same mean value can differ by a large amount depending on the shape of the distribution. Our formula expresses this relationship very succinctly. (June 2015)
  • A cube to brick dissection that generalizes Montucla’s method was presented at WCC 2015 and is available here. (May 2015)

About Crypto-Currencies: Although the hype has died down a bit, electronic currencies have wide ranging social and political implications because of their potential to be far more transparent than current systems. My interest lies in the `information’ issues ‘ that underlie such constructions.

Here is a nice introduction to bitcoin.









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